Musselman 2012 Triathlon

Last weekend I competed in the Musselman Triathlon. This was my second half Ironman distance triathlon and it was a huge improvement over my first one. Before I get to my results a little about the race.

The first half of the swim is in the open water of Seneca Lake. The lake was pretty flat most of the weekend I was there. For race day there was a storm over the southern end of the lake that kicked up some minor chop. It wasn't enough to cause problems, just enough to make it interesting. The second half of the swim was through a well protected marina. Once in the marina area the swim is smooth and fast.

The bike is a nice ride through the countryside between Seneca and Cayuga lakes. It consisted mostly of long, but gradual hills. The only steep hills were a big downhill to Cayuga lake and a short steep climb away from it. The section around mile 40 going through Sampson State Park was the only bad part. It was a paved road, but it's rough for a few miles. On race day there was a severe thunderstorm. It hit around mile 20 and lasted for about 10 miles for me. It slowed me down a little, but not as much as I would have expected.

The run is through the town of Geneva. It starts on nice flat park trails along the lake front. About 2 miles in things change when the race makes a turn uphill into town. Once up the big hill there is a good mix of mild hills and flat stretches. None of the hills are even close to the first big uphill. The race goes all over Geneva. It includes Hobart and William Smith Colleges, a few shopping areas of town, a lot of residential areas, and some farm land. The support from the community was incredible. All along the course there were people out cheering. This was the best run course I've done so far. Between the variety on the run and the support from the community it was great.

Enough about the race. On to my results. Overall I was more than an hour faster than my last 70.3 race. Last year I raced Eagleman and had a bad race. My overall time for that was 8:18 with the swim and run being far slower than they should have been.

  • Swim: 40:13 This is a great time for me. It's the same pace I did the Celebrating Heroes Sprint in June and it is double the distance.
  • T1: 03:26 For a 70.3 race I'm happy with this time. There are a few things I would cut out for a shorter race, but for a long one I'm happy with this time.
  • Bike: 3:37:23 I think I lost 5-10 minutes on this because of the severe thunderstorm that hit right in the middle. I had some minor cramping issues towards the end of the bike. I needed more nutrition. I should have finished up the PB&J sandwiches I brought. Overall, not bad.
  • T2: 03:29 This is a bit slow for T2, but I did have to do a little extra. I swapped socks since I was completely waterlogged. I'm not sure it helped that much, but it felt good. I could easily cut a minute off this time.
  • Run: 2:43:31 This is an incredible time for me. I didn't realize it until after the fact, but I ended up within about 1 minute of my half marathon PR.
  • Overall: 7:08:02 Awesome time! It's over an hour faster than my 70.3 time at Eagleman last year.

This was a great race. For anyone reading this who is looking for a 70.3 race to do I highly recommend this one.