Celebrating Heroes 2012 Triathlon

What a great race! Thanks to the Columbia Triathlon Association for keeping everything running smoothly.

Everything race-wise went well. The only minor things that went wrong were forgetting to start my watch on time, forgetting to the off my gloves in T2, and some minor cramping on the run. All of those are things i can fix. I think I'm ready to go for the big race in a few weeks.

My final times:

  • Swim: 20:53 I'm happy with this time. I could probably drop one or two minutes off this, but not much more.
  • T1: 3:59 This is too slow. I might need to get a tri top to help speed things up. I also need to practice putting on my socks and bike shoes.
  • Bike: 1:03:50 I'm happy with this. If I had gone much faster it probably would have hurt my run time.
  • T2: 1:46 Wow! The practices I've been doing with Mid Maryland Triathlon Club have really helped with my T2 times
  • Run: 34:30 Again wow! I think the Mid Maryland Triathlon Club practices have helped a lot here too. This is the first triathlon I've felt good on the run. I still had to walk on the big hills, but other than that I kept a pretty fast pace.
  • Total: 2:04:56 42/73 age group. I ended up about 10 minutes than I expected. Woo Hoo!!